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"A ‘West Country’ Emo Philips for the 21st Century."

- Cheeky Monkey Comedy Club

"… simply spectacular. Equipped with an adorable Bristol accent, Hobs (also a biochemist) wowed us all … Gags, delivered with perfect timing and underlined with spot-on pictures, had us all in stitches. Great stuff - for me he was the star of the show."

- Daily Info, Oxford

Matt Hobs has been performing on the comedy circuit since 2012. A proud Bristolian, scientist and silly sausage, Matt has two acts:

The Bristolian:

Matt’s comedy style is Milton Jones meets Father Dougal McGuire. He has been wowing audiences across the country with his unhinged take on the world. Matt also performed the show Odd Two Out at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2018 with Chelsea Birkby. 

The scientist:
Drawing on his background as a scientist, Matt explains science and scientific principles. He makes complicated concepts simple, understandable and hilarious.


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